Revealed: how Italy’s populists used Facebook to win power

A mural in Milan depicts Luigi Di Maio, left, and Matteo Salvini using Facebook on their phones. Illustration: Guardian Design

We are proud to announce that we collaborated with The Guardian on Facebook data for the news article: Revealed: how Italy’s populists used Facebook to win power.

We want to thank all our partners and members, especially all the “data minions” who worked on data: Salvatore Bellomo, Pierpaolo Ciullo, Stefano Cresci, Cesar Crisosto, Fabio Del Vigna, Tiziano Fagni, and Serena Tardelli, coordinated by Antonio Martella, under the supervision of Roberta Bracciale (Political Science Department of the University of Pisa), Gianpietro Mazzoleni (University of Milan), and Maurizio Tesconi (IIT CNR of Pisa).

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