Interactive roundtable: Are social media a step-up or an obstacle for democracy?

As the digital landscape continues to shape political discourse, a groundbreaking initiative emerges from Louvain-la-Neuve. A riveting roundtable event is set to spotlight student research delving into the intricate realm of political campaigns on social media platforms.

In an era where political messages flood social feeds, this event promises to dissect the phenomenon with scholarly precision. Spearheaded by UCLouvain and joined by esteemed experts from Circle U. universities, the roundtable aims to bridge academic insights with real-world implications.

Students from diverse disciplines are invited to showcase their research endeavors in a dynamic 180-second presentation format, promising a blend of academic rigor and creative flair. Notable specialists including Prof. Dr. Sandrine Roginsky, Prof. Dr. Alexander Clarkson, and Prof. Dr. Barbara De Cock will offer invaluable perspectives and constructive feedback.

For those unable to attend in person, a platform for virtual participation via 180-second video submissions ensures inclusivity and accessibility.

With prizes awaiting the most impactful and original presentations, every participant is poised to contribute meaningfully to the discourse. Certificates of participation will be awarded, acknowledging the scholarly contributions of all presenters.

Excited to be part of this intellectual exchange? Proposals for presentations are welcomed until April 19th, inviting all voices to enrich the dialogue on the evolving nexus of politics and social media.

Contact: Aurélie Marsily (UCLouvain), Fabio Battaglia (University of Edinburgh)

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