MediaLaB at SISP 2021

In these days, we are at SISP 2021 conference to discuss three of our works:

Section 6 – Participation and Social Movements
Panel 6.3 – System change, not climate change! Investigating new ecologist movements
Between materialist and post-materialist approach: investigating the ecologist archipelago 30 years later, by Paola Imperatore and Massimiliano Andretta (read the abstract here)

Section 5 – Political Communication
Panel 5.10 Covid-19. La comunicazione di una pandemia (I)
Framing the pandemic: the communication strategies of Italian politicians on Facebook, by Roberta Bracciale, Massimiliano Andretta, and Junio Aglioti Colombini (read the abstract here);

Section 11 – Research Methodology
Panel 11.2 From Words to Data: the Potential of Text Analysis and Topic Models for Political Studies
The release of #SilviaRomano: a case of polarized intersectionality, by Elena Pavan and Antonio Martella (read the abstract here)

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