June 29-30: DATACTIVE final event

Save the date! Two days to celebrate the end of the ERC-funded DATACTIVE project and to reflect on the future of data activism:

  • DATA ACTIVISM FUTURES – Tuesday the 29th of June 2021 (13.00-17.30 CEST). Stefania Milan will reflect on five years of data activism, Becky Kazansky will shed light on threat modelling within civil society and grassroots resistance to surveillance, Guillén Torres will present his work on institutional resistance to transparency efforts by citizens, and Niels ten Oever will take us through the politics of infrastructure. Guest speakers include Maxigas (University of Amsterdam), Fieke Jansen (Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University), Claudio (Algorithms Exposed), and Svitlana Matviyenko (Digital Democracies Institute). Davide Beraldo will engage in a discussion with artists Joana Moll, Manu Luksch, Karla Zavala, and Adriaan Odenzaal.
  • ART AS DATA ACTIVISM – Wednesday the 30th of June 2021 (17.00-18.30 CEST). A public roundtable discussion on ART AS DATA ACTIVISM chaired by Lonneke van der Velden. Guest speakers: Manu Luksch (Artist in Residence at The School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London) Karla Zavala & Adriaan Odenzaal.

Note that each event has its own separate registration process!

Find more information on the schedule and to sign up for the events >>here<<

For almost six years now, we have worked together to investigate the complex and multifaceted field of data activist imaginaries and practices. We have had a wonderful time bringing together academics, practitioners, hackers and artists from around the world. We have engaged in numerous interviews, focus groups, participant observation of activist events, and we have even developed our own open-source tools to support our research. Together, we have traced the evolution of a global network of data activists and tried to figure out how institutions are reacting to their mobilization. We have explored the various ways in which publics engage with surveillance regimes and how notions of risk articulate strategies to resist it. We have shed light on the workings of the algorithms that power big tech platforms and located how human rights considerations painstakingly make their way into the infrastructure of the internet. With the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also devoted our attention to the politics of counting in the first pandemic in a datafied society, the inherent forms of exclusion and the risks of techno-solutionism. [DATACTIVE project]

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